Covid-19 has a devastating effect on a Small Business such as mine, but I’m still here.

As you may already know, the primary way I sell is at Events, whether they are Festivals, Carnivals, Car and Dog shows, Collaborative with LITEs Events, Pop Up shops… you name it and they are all postponed or cancelled. It’s a scary time for small businesses such as mine.

I do have an online presence, but this is secondary, it it a small tick over alongside the main part of my business. Even adding extra stock and putting more on to my Depop Fair Trade and Vintage Shops, my Facebook Page and the tribe Pop-Up shop by LITEs Events, this does not anywhere near come close to my sales at Events.

I know that I’m not the only one, there are so many other small business owners that have sat, like me, in tears, wondering how their small business, lovingly created and built up over the years can be so severely threatened by this devastating virus.

The Coronavirus has cruelly taken so many loved ones, devastated so many families, changed so many lives and made us all think about every move we make, as the repercussions can be deadly. We are missing family, friends, our day to day lives and it’s hard!

It has damaged so many livelihoods and I know that I won’t see all the same faces at Events when the restrictions are finally lifted, there will be some missing. Their small business won’t make it… even Large Companies are struggling! These are worrying times for everyone

I’m still here, and managing the online side of my business. You can still support my small business if you wish, via my selling Channels. All the links are on my home page and it will be so gratefully appreciated. I know that a small business like mine will not be top of your list of concerns, but if you want a little gift, maybe you would consider it?

Take care everyone and stay safe

Anne, Adorn Anew xxx

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