Adorn Anew, Proud to be Part of LITEs Events

LITEs Events now have three events under our belt for this year. Our Mother’s Day Event at Lichfield Social Club, Spring Fair at Rugeley Rose Theatre and our Easter Pop Up Shop at the Guildhall Shopping Centre in Stafford. We haven’t hit our first Birthday yet!

LITEs Events was formed by myself and other like minded Traders to provide our own events for other fellow Traders. We wanted to make them fair, friendly, well advertised and different to any others around.

The current Committee of this not for profit organisation include myself at Adorn Anew, Keellee of KJ’s Cakes, Toni of Toni Belle Gifts and Becky of Children’s Character Items. We are all like minded and want to bring a good selection of small unique and individual businesses together in a selling environment to give local communities a small business alternative to their usual gift shopping needs.

We have a lovely core set of Exhibitors who we enjoy working with in what almost feels like an event family. There is mutual respect and support and a fun atmosphere, which so many events lack, and we feel that this positivity will help our events flourish and gain traction as we progress.

We currently produce three types of Events.

Firstly, we are hosting Events where you can relax and enjoy your day… our new motto is “More Than Your Average Craft Fair”. We will have Food, Drink, Treatments, a Medium and a selection of one off stalls from local Traders. These will include craft and non-craft items and will be all quality items and services exhibited by small Independent Businesses. Our next one of this type is on 9th June and is our Father’s Day Event at Lichfield Social Club.

Secondly, we have Shopping Events that are retail only, similar to a Pop Up Shop. Our next one of this type is our Spooky Shopping Village for Halloween on the weekend of 26-27th November, at the Guildhall Shopping Centre, Stafford.

Thirdly, we are also curating the Trade Stalls for the A5 Live Music Festival from 2nd-4th August on Watling Street, Walsall.

We all do our own individual Events and online selling with our businesses, but we have formed a lovely community. By being part of LITEs Events I know I have met crafters, artists, creators and resellers that will always be part of something and will hopefully remain friends and “colleagues” for years to come.

I’m proud to be part of LITEs, and what we stand for, what we are trying to do and how we are trying to grow. The first year in business is never easy, and we haven’t completed our first year as LITEs Events yet. We are getting there and we are looking to the future and working for our goal to represent Quality Events that people recognise and want to visit. It’s hard work but so worth it!

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