Adorn Anew On The Road Our Current Events Calendar 2017

Here is a calendar of the current events that we have booked up to the end of 2017. Why not come and see us in person? More dates are due to be added.

We will have our Artisan, Vintage or a mixture of both types of jewellery with us depending on the event. We have been attending venues since March, and have met some lovely people, who have really enjoyed seeing our stock in real life, rather than just online.

At the more regular venues, we have had returning customers, and it’s been fantastic to know that people would love to see and buy from us again. 

The next 2 venues we are attending are on Father’s Day weekend, Saturday June 17th we are at Red Dragon at Chase Terrace Technology College, hosted by Red Dragon Monster Ride Truck and on Father’s Day, Sunday 18th we will be at Father’s Classic Day Out at Trentham Gardens, hosted by Gemini Events. Hope to see you there!!!

Updates to events will appear on our Facebook page.

Anne, Adorn Anew


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